Kirk Novak…

11260392_10205779263774751_7426487441505811307_nMany years ago Kirk Novak was born upon a mountaintop in St. Louis, Missouri and given to a poor family after being weaned in the bosom of a great and terrifying tentacled monster.

Kirk has wandered near and far, settling in Chicago and Los Angeles, attending the Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Nerdist schools of comedy, whereupon he learned he is not a very funny person.

You can follow and then subsequently unfollow him on Twitter @fakekirknovak

You might enjoy a web series that he created and co-wrote named Dicks

He is a member of the Burbs house sketch team at The Ruby LA. If you’re in LA why don’t you stop by and see them some time.

Kirk doesn’t care if you don’t like it, but he still wants you to like him.

He loves you.