Emily Lund: In Memoriam

One of our members, Kirk  has left us and we now have a large void in our group and our hearts.  In memory of Kirk, I have written this poem.

In Memoriam

You left us on a rainy day.
Well, actually it was a really nice day…
You left us too soon, too soon
You didn’t even feel bad about it
We gave you a heartfelt card; you didn’t care.
You just left.

Sometimes God needs angels,
Sometimes Chicago needs heathen alcoholic writing assholes.
You fit into the latter
You do not fit into the former.
God does not need you
We need you!

I really liked your writing
Although, it didn’t seem like the general public did.
But, I still think I would nominate you as “Most Likely to Be Published, class of 2013”
Maybe Dave though…he’s profound.
The one about the Family Dollar was hilariosity
And I will never forget the grandma porn piece.

I can’t write anything funny because I have no inspiration
Well, actually that’s not true either.
This poem is pretty hilarious
We will skype you; it will be okay.
I won’t forget you,
But I will continue to think you’re a dick.

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