Drinkers with Writing Problems is a writing circle formed in October 2012 in Chicago. Our members meet on a regular basis, most often at a neighborhood bar. Over rounds of drinks, we share our ideas, give each other writing assignments and exercises, and encourage each other to stick to our writing goals. Our group has an array of interests, from fiction to poetry to comedy. We all come from different backgrounds but share a common love — alcohol. This blog is a collaborative project where every day a different member of the circle will post new work to share, best enjoyed with your choice of a refreshing beverage and possibly a saxophone.
Learn more about our contributors and guest writers here.
Original site artwork by Sandra Skrzycki


  1. The name of your site is great.
    I don’t drink well. I’m not a good drinker. Is that a pre requisite to join?

      1. I tried the “write sober, edit drunk” idea once. It did not go well. I woke up the next morning to entire pages angrily crossed out in red! Anyways, I love your blog! I’m a Crown and Coke before some fantasy writing girl myself 🙂

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