Kim Nelson: My Christmas Wish List

  1. a rug that magically deflects cat vomit
  2. for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to meet every single one of my impossibly raised expectations
  3. Sansa Stark’s wardrobe, and an invitation to some sort of high end nerd gala so I have an occasion to wear it
  4. a Hemsworth brother (I’m not picky, any will be fine though I do lean towards the Thor one)
  5. for everyone behind the Point Break remake to be put into the time-out corner so that they can think about what they did
  6. Beyonce’s moves and pizza suit
  7. the time turner necklace from Harry Potter so I am able to finish my library book before it’s due but also binge-watch Jessica Jones
  8. unlimited crab rangoon
  9. while reuniting with his oompa loompa relatives for the holidays, Donald Trump falls into the Chocolate River and gets sucked into the pumping system (he doesn’t die, he just goes on a little journey, that’s all)
  10. some goddamn world peace already





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