Anita Mechler: “Hey! Wait up, guys!”

Clues that you might be a “Hey! Wait up, guys!” kid:

  • You’ve requested velcro shoes instead of those with laces so that you can throw them on faster in order to catch up.

  • Older kids scold you for being a baby when you are about ½ their age…and actually a baby.

  • FOMO (otherwise known as Fear of Missing Out), for your entire life.

  • Making school friends who are much older than you and feeling like the cool kid, until they all graduate and you’re left with almost nothing but frenemies for the next couple of years.

  • Or when you are much older, feeling as if your life isn’t quite catching up to to everyone else’s until you realize that they are almost a decade older than you.

  • Getting drawn in by peer pressure because you think that it’s more well-guided by people who seem more mature than you and then getting into major trouble for it.

  • Being the youngest kid exposed to awesome music and getting to go to concerts where everyone is about 5 feet taller than you.

  • Learning how to use slang before actually knowing what it means.

  • Having faith that the people who have gone through it all before you will know best and lead the way.

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