Kim Nelson: It’s A Dog’s Life

A puppy, a nuisance, a comfort, a confidante
A destroyer of window blinds and shoes forgotten outside the closet
She gazes up at me with chocolate brown, pleading eyes
And all is forgiven.

A tail that curves upwards like a question mark, always asking Yes?
She runs until she passes out from sheer exhaustion,
Sprawled out on the grass, her sides rising and falling
Until jumping up, ready to chase once again.

She buries her head when she senses I’m leaving
Her soft, fawn-colored body leaning into me
She growls softly out the window, then turns to look at me
Letting me know she is protecting me from burglars and ghosts and cats.

As the sunlight fades away, we go outside
She falls in step beside me, her paws silent on the grass still wet from sprinklers
We are both quiet as the world begins to go to sleep
And I wonder what creatures she will chase in her dreams tonight.


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