DWWP: A Virtual Mad Lib About Dave Hughes

Our pal Dave is traveling abroad. This week for his post, his fellow writers engaged in a game of virtual Madlib. One person drafted the story and then emailed the other writers to ask for everything that is underlined (nouns, adjectives, etc.). Once those answers were provided, the writer then added it to the story in the same manner of a traditional mad lib.

So, today, we dedicated Dave’s post to Dave!


A Virtual Mad Lib About Dave Hughes

One day, a busty fellow named Dave was pushing down the street. As he approached Mr. Belvedere Street, he noticed a drippy bar and decided to go inside. He sat down at the chalkboard and asked for jodhpurs. The diaphanous, flaky bartender refused to serve him jodhpurs so Dave got very ennui.

He jumped the bartender and the bartender began to suffocate. This made Dave feel very elated. So, Dave embraced the bartender and offered to buy him a koala. Dave and the bartender had a persnickety conversation and drank for 37 days. They become great polyamorists, but it was time to move on. The last thing the bartender said to Dave was, “Time travel is tricky. If you find yourself transported to the past, stand completely still and don’t do anything. You might erase the moment of your conception by simply displacing a single pebble.

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