Anita Mechler: The Moon Has Teeth

The moon has teeth.
I see it staring down at me.
Is it grimacing?
Or rather, smiling upon me.
Or neither.

You’ve never left me alone.
In the loneliest times,
I pump my legs and my heart to
a great synchronism
as the waves lick the shores
and the gravel crunches,
I feel utterly whole
in my solitude.

Oxidized gears turn.
Springs squeak like so many

Sometimes I search for you.
How can I not look for you?
When I feel the loneliest.
And yet, you are there.
Suspended in air.


  1. I was captivated by this poem from start to the end and I feel like trying to give it more words is unecessery so I am just going to say:Thank you, for letting me read it.

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