June Updates

Chicago drinkers and writers, we’d love to see your faces at the annual Printers Row Lit Fest! We’ll be there on Saturday, June 9, selling copies of our Anthology so please stop by and say hi.

Also, we are still open for submissions for guest pieces so send us your stuff!


June 5 at 7 pm: Tuesday Funk at Hopleaf, featuring Elizabeth Gomez

June 8 at 7 pm: The Kates at Bookcellar, featuring Elizabeth Gomez

June 13 at 9 pm: Feminist Happy Hour at Empty Bottle, hosted by Alicia Swiz & featuring Britt Julious

June 14 at 8pm: Rat Pack Comedy at Holiday Club featuring Conor Cawley

June 26 at 8pm: Comedy Cocktail at House of Blues Featuring Conor Cawley

June 28 at 8pm: Rat Pack Comedy at Holiday Club featuring Conor Cawley

Elsewhere on the Internet

What Technology Looked Like in the 90s by Conor Cawley

Facial Recognition and the Disappearing Right to Be Faceless by Conor Cawley

The Cups by Jeff Phillips

CrimeCon 2018 and That Time I Tried to Play Grab Ass with Paul Holes by Elizabeth Gomez

Till Death or Dismemberment by Elizabeth Gomez


A Reminder: We’re Still Killing Each Other by Elizabeth Gomez

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