Elizabeth Gomez: Heauxs Chicago GET IT.

Hello fellow friends! Have we told you how beautiful you look today? Well, ya do. Obviously, this has already started an untraditional DWWP post, but I wanted to drop by to tell you about a few things I’m super psyched about.



First, if you haven’t heard, the 2nd season of Drinkers with Writing Problems Presents LIT UP!, our live show, has already started. If you’re in Chicago on the last Friday of the month, this is the place to be! We have special guests that grace the stage, along with your regular a-holes sitting at the rail. The show is packed with talented Chicago writers. This month we have an internationally touring poet, a woman who has written for some major publications such as Esquire and Elle, and a published novelist. Each month you can check our website for the lineup. *THIS* Friday is our next show, so bring your liver and we’ll see you there!


Another thing I’m screaming about is a new web magazine called Heauxs. Listen to me when I say GET INTO IT. First of all, the editors are two of my favorite people in the Chicago writing/storytelling scene, Adrienne Gunn and Jeremy Owens. THAT’S RIGHT. I SAID FAVORITES. Next, it’s all about stuff we’re all obsessed with but really doesn’t matter…OR DOES IT?! BECAUSE THIS SEASON OF RUPAUL IS AWFUL (it hurts to say that, but you can check out the recaps on their site) and I need to stop watching, which will give me time to catch up on Harlots.  So, what I’m saying is that Heauxs is vital to your time management and quality of life. Lastly, a couple of your pals here on DWWP are working with them to create content on things like The Fast and Furious, Game of Thrones, super late movie reviews, and upcoming column called Things That are Surprisingly Not Shitty on Netflix.

Starbucks-Unicorn-DrinkHeauxsChicago.com focuses on pop culture, reviews, recaps, and lifestyles from a female and/or LGBTQ lens and I love it! Need a review of the new Unicorn drink at Starbucks? They got it! What happened on Housewives? They got chu. Want a reminder that men are garbage? Well, you didn’t need a reminder, but you’re covered! So subscribe by clicking here and don’t wait, gurl, who knows what’s happening next?!

Before I go bye-bye, I have one more thing to add. If you haven’t been following Drinkers on Twitter or Instagram or some other social media circuit DO IT. You won’t believe some of the fun things that we’re doing! We’ve been at this for a few years and we’ve created some crazy fun things, like Kirk Novak’s Dicks Web Series (not a porn) and we’re doing some fun things like Conor Cawley’s Rat Pack Comedy! We also put together a zine dwwpzine.JPGof our Author Eats a Sandwich Series, with new pieces from our newest contributors. We’re selling them for $5 and if you want one, you can just add the shipping charge. Actually, I’m not even sure how that would work because where do you even get a stamp? Just reach out and we’ll figure it out.

Oh! And write to Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez and tell her how much you loved us on her show so that we can go back! You’ll find us here at about 42 mins.

Also, April is poetry month, so I’ll give ya an oldie that I hope you’ll enjoy – click here! See ya Friday!



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