Kim Nelson: A Journey into Mindful Meditation

January is a great time to create a new, healthy habit. I typically lead a fast-paced life, so I decided that in 2017, I want to practice mindful meditation. After briefly googling what it actually is, I feel good with my decision. I could use some inner peace and renewed awareness. But the question remained: how do I actually start?

There’s gotta be an app for that. First things first, I search my iPhone’s app store and see that there are, in fact, plenty to choose from. I scroll through the selections, checking out logos made of Om symbols and lotus flowers, and read the reviews. Why bother meditate unless I’m doing it the best?

Once I’ve selected and downloaded an app, I set up my user profile. I’m delighted to see that the app allowed for sharing my progress on social media. Then comes the decision of which selfie to use for my profile; obviously, I want something that says “tranquil inner peace” but also has flattering lighting. I can’t wait until I unlock the nirvana badge!

I find a quiet corner of the house where I won’t be distracted or tempted to check Facebook. But before I can begin, I realize that the decor of my bedroom doesn’t have that ‘zen’ look I’m craving. So I hit pause on the session and jump on the iPad to pull up Pinterest and search for ideas for the perfect meditation nook. After pinning some cute beaded pillows and a cat buddha statue (LOL couldn’t resist!), I have an idea of the overall look for my future practice spot. After that, all that’s left is to go on Etsy and find the altar that matches my vision. $225 and a few days of express shipping later, I think I’m finally ready to meditate!

Oh and I also see this flowy bamboo tunic in a Free People sidebar ad that I can’t say no to. I think it will really get me in the mindset of exploring my inner self without being distracted by the feeling of synthetic fabric against my skin.

Do I need a Himalayan salt lamp?

On second thought, I think the whole room needs to be a different color. A soft peach paint will really warm up the space, along with the light from my new soy candles. Hiring a painter to redo my bedroom is an unexpected cost and is going to push the start of my practice back a bit, but it will all be worth it!

Looks like I’ve got all the things I need to begin my practice! But first, I think I need to visit my doctor to assist with my serious anxiety. I have a feeling that it stems from the arrival of my most recent Visa bill, but there’s gotta be some sort of pill I can be prescribed to smooth me over until I can get this meditation room completed.



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