Murphy Row: The Taste of Your Morning

Mornings come in all different flavors.
There is the rich, milk chocolaty taste of a morning when you can sleep in with no immediate responsibility and the caress of the sun welcomes you slowly into the day.
Some mornings have the bitter metallic taste of a mouth full of pennies when a deep sleep grinds to a halt and the day forces you into motion. You feel as though you will never be fully rested again.
Some mornings taste bland and unnoticeable like the mass-produced taste of a bran cereal. The mornings mass-produced and identical, come sequentially behind its identical twin on the production line. The auto pilot routine gets you to work before your brain ever really registers a thought.
Some mornings taste like broccoli to a 3 year old’s palette, you wake with every intention to avoid what lies in front of you but powers beyond you control force your hand to at least try.
Some mornings taste like the last bite of pie at a Thanksgiving smorgasbord, when bloated and exhausted you just want to drift back into sleep.
Some mornings taste like a Skittle from a bowl you thought was filled with M&M’s, when you awake expecting something you love, and the plans change. While the new task is one you enjoy, the expectation of chocolates taints the taste of the candy to the point that you are somehow angry to have eaten candy.
Some mornings tastes like the warm blanket of a steaming cup of coffee, slowly beckoning you into the day.
Some mornings tastes like the stale aftertaste of coffee in you your mouth when you awake full of energy ready to go, as if you had finished your first cup in the last ten minutes of your sleep.
Some mornings tastes like Jerry burnt the coffee at the office again, when you awake looking for assistance and a pick-me-up and you are sorely disappointed by everyone’s effort.
Some mornings taste like the first sip of an ice-cold beer after a long day, you wake ready and excited to indulge your taste for leisure.
Some mornings taste chalky and dry like a Tums tablet, as your hangover makes each motion a challenge like attempting to stretch a dried-out rubber band without snapping it.
Some mornings taste like the last sip of your beer that has warmed to room temperature in your hand, you wake still drunk from the night before.
Some mornings taste like the extra fries that fell to the bottom of the to-go bag, when you wake up with someone and you share the unexpected joy of morning sex.
Some mornings taste like a drive-thru burger when they get your order wrong but you’ve already pulled away from the window. You wake up angry and frustrated, two feelings you just cannot shake even though you know the transgression was unforgivable.
Some mornings taste like biting into a bad apple. You wake up next to a person you love and that person just finished betraying you in a dream. While you know you still love the person and you know it was just a dream, you can’t help but be angry with their fictional back stabbing. You’ll eat another apple, just begrudgingly the next time.
However your morning tastes, remember there will be another one soon. No matter how big the feast, you will be hungry again in a day. No matter how terrible your breakfast tastes, you have the opportunity to turn it around by lunch. Be present and savor the tastes you love.


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