WHO: Well-lubricated guest writers. On second thought, we don’t discriminate. Wet or dry, we’re looking for writers who have something interesting to say.

WHAT: We have open slots to fill, so we’re calling on YOU to submit original work in any genre — flash fiction, personal essays, poetry, lists, satire, you name it. Generally we publish pieces that are fewer than 1,000 words to hold the attention of our whiskey addled brains.

Do we need to say it? Keep your hate speech to yourselves because we’re not interested!

Being that most of us live in vans down by the river, we are not in a position to pay our writers. Do it for the prestige, the street cred, or our 8,600 followers who want to hear some new voices.

WHERE: Send submissions to drinkerswithwritingproblems@gmail.com. You can share a Google doc or attach your submission as a Word document. Some pieces might be published as is, but more often than not we will work collaboratively with you to make some edits. That said, please proofread before submitting. Before publication we will notify you and request a short bio and photo for our site.

WHEN: Anytime, baby.

WHY: Because you like us, and we like you.


Can I submit something that’s been published elsewhere?

Yes, please include that information so that we can link to your blog or what have you.

Do I retain the rights to my work?


Can I submit all of the things I’ve written and hidden in a box in my closet since 1996?

Although we’d love to say yes, please limit your submission to one piece at a time.

ANYTHING ELSE? We might not be exactly sober right now, so if we’ve forgotten anything please direct your inquiries to drinkerswithwritingproblems@gmail.com.





  1. I’ve sent one that you guys haven’t posted yet, so I posted it on my own blog and shared it with friends and family via Facebook. I’m not sure if that is a problem or you cannot publish anything that has already been published somewhere, but if not, let me know.

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