Conor Cawley: Working From Home – Day 1

Captain’s Log – Star Date 03282016:

It is my first day working from home. The air feels fresher on this planet. Birds chirp louder. Alarm clocks alarm softer.

Making breakfast is no longer a chore but a relaxing way to start the day. My desk is larger than any desk I’ve ever had. Or perhaps it merely seems that way, being that it is neither surrounded by cubicle walls nor oppressive coworkers. As I sit down to begin my work, I feel an odd sensation of freedom. Am I not observed by anyone that might get me in trouble for sneezing too loudly? May I freely urinate without the accusatory eyes of a nosey receptionist that asks, “how was it in there?” It was fine!

With this freedom came an ability to work like never before. My fingers typed faster, my eyes read quicker, my brain moved at such an incredible rate that I felt it foolish to have ever stepped foot in an office before. The fact that there was a TV with Netflix mere feet behind hadn’t even crossed my mind until well after 5pm.

Lunch became a mere construct. The kitchen was six steps away. Good, healthy food could be consumed at a mere thought. No Pop-Tarts, no M&Ms, no string cheese would slow me down today. I had the power to fuel myself with anything at any time. While this instinct will hopefully be repressed before I become obese, the freedom is, again, refreshing.

The day ends in a blink and the room transforms into a work-less haven. My responsibilities and duties fall off my shoulders as I stand up from my desk and plop down on the couch with the relaxed awe of a changed man.

Until tomorrow. Tomorrow, I work from home again. And hope this strange, beautiful planet still exists when I come back.

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  1. I have just started interning from home in the past couple of months, as a virtual intern for a marketing stratgists, + I absolutely love it!! The next phase is a part-time, paid position with the same employer. My husband also works from home + I can say that it is so muche easier to stay focused. Enjoy!

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