Kirk Novak: Man Dies in Organic Famine, Refuses to Eat GMOs

Drinkers with Writing Problems

Man dies in organic famine, refuses to eat GMOS
New Los Angeles 2, California Administrative Region

How a barren field today might also appear in the future. Eden Foods Reservation

Area man dies of starvation in crumbling parking lot of a former Trader Joe’s. The parking lot was full of the rusting hulks of Mercedes Benz SUVs and convertible BMW coupes. You could see where people had abandoned their vehicle at the left turn stoplight in the middle of the intersection, instead of waiting to find a parking spot. Even after a couple of apocalyptic events, a Trader Joe’s parking lot is still a waking nightmare.

Decades after the city fell during the Water Wars, Los Angeles was rebuilt during the New New Deal programs of President Kanye West, subsequently destroyed again by an earthquake, and then rebuilt one more time further north after the fall of the United States of America and the rise of the United States of…

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