Anita Mechler: An Ode to My Legs

They are a part of me

Attached but free


Hair absent

Or spiky to touch

Long and tickled in the breeze


Grown strong

Absorbing the shock

And delicious glide

Of roller skating

polyurethane on wood


Propelling forward for miles

Hours along bike trails

Passing trees, City streets

Steel, glass, concrete


For dancing in the street

sprinklers or rain

Joyous in themselves

Nervous in another’s direction  


Impatient at bus stops

Pitching side to side

Held back from running

Or brisk sidewalk walking


Plunging into water

For an instant refresh

Exploring depths
Or leisurely surface floating


Running for sport

Or safety

A game of tag

Or racing home

to an escape


Slipping into cool clean sheets

The anticipation

Of a lover’s admiring caress


The ache of effort

Feel of solid ground


The tremble of fear or cold

They crackle and groan with time


I love them


For they are me

Attached but free



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