Kirk Novak: Spooky Halloween True Story

Write about a memory of a physical injury.

I ran out of the abandoned warehouse. He had a chainsaw. I heard it start. He was behind me. I ran. I ran. I ran. I fell. I fell down to the bottom of a deep hole filled with razor sharp fist sized rocks. I felt searing pain in my knee. I looked down at the triangle shaped flap of skin that hung from below the knee cap, that shit purple color of real blood pooling in the gaping wound. I might have screamed. I don’t remember. I know I started crying. I heard a couple pairs of footsteps above rush past my gravel pit hidey hole. The man with the chainsaw had stopped his pursuit. I heard the sound of the idling chainsaw dissipate back into warehouse. I heard people call out my name.

“Kirk, where are you?” Came a voice.

“Kirk?” Came another.

“Kirk?” Another.

“I’m down here.” I started crawling up the wall of the pit, the rocks tumbling against my knee.

“What in the fuck are you doing down there?”

“I fell. I was running from the guy with the chainsaw.”

“Yeah, that scared the shit out of me. The only thing in this haunted house worth the money.”

“He was in front of me so I would’ve felt stupid running after him.”

“I think I need a hospital.”

I was helped out of the big hole in the ground. I was taken to the emergency room. I walked in and got couple dozen stitches in my knee. I walked out with a limp. The haunted house paid the bill.


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