Emily Lund: He Who Shall NOT Be Named

Do not vote for him today;
Do not vote for him any day.
Do not check his name in the box;
Do not encourage him, Megyn from Fox.

Don’t ask him things about his money;
Don’t make him think his jokes are funny.
Don’t make a comment about his hair;
Don’t forget about his many affairs.

Do not stay in his hotels;
Do not buy the things he sells.
Do not contribute to his campaign;
Do not be a contestant on Miss USA.

Don’t support a sexist pig;
Don’t make him think his dick is big.
Don’t listen to the words he speaks;
Don’t let his message be heard for any. more. weeks.

Do not do it; please do not;
Do not let this country rot.
Do not vote for him today;
Do not vote for him any day!!


Photo Credit: Gamma Vision-Trump Hair


  1. I want him to be in the race, just to steal votes from a potential republican candidate lol. It not only helps our side, but Saturday Night Live will get make it funny as well! He will never win. Oh the gems of Sarah Palin… fondly remembered years later. Next time I am in Alaska, I will try to see Russia? 😛

    1. Agreed. I just hate giving him any importance at all. I think I’m full of hate regardless but I agree completely with your assessment.

  2. I’m still waiting for him to announce that his entire campaign was just a joke…
    The truly scary thing is that there are people that are actually rallying around him.

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