Dave Hughes: Hopeful

I want to drive it down to the water
feel the mercury drop
the ocean stealing the warmth from the summer night
I want to drive it like we are being chased
screeching tires
and rubber marking the way
I want to hear it laughing madly
with abandon
as we escape the now
cast the past away
slingshot into the then.
When we get there
I want to race each other across the beach
thighs on fire
lungs gasping sputtering
until we splash into the salt
casting up pinwheels of water
I want to hold it tightly
and press it below the waves
breathing calmly now
as it shudders and fights
and suddenly ceases to be
I want to drown my dreams and hopes
I want to bleach its bones
on a distant shore
And build a new face amidst its ruins.



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