Kim Nelson: I Really Need You Tonight

The old monitor lights up,
yellow letters against blue:
“‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’
in the style of Bonnie Tyler.”

A cold beer in hand, you’re
commanding the stage,
a six-inch raised platform in
the corner of a divey bar
where you drink away the work week
in increments of $2 PBRs and $5 whiskey shots
until you forget that you’re the
guy from Accounts Payable
who still owes $13,454 on a student loan
for a degree that you never used.

But here, and now, you’re a star baby,
ever since the guy with the fu manchu
handed you a mic
still warm and sweaty from his palm,
and for the next 5 minutes and 32 seconds
nothing else matters besides hitting that high note
and syncing it to a perfect high kick
because this is a place
where dreams go to live….

Turn around, bright eyes.



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  1. Yes. This makes me wonder if a life worth living is more about creating, entertaining, and enjoying art (the art of performance andKaraoke in this case). Maybe we have things backwards?

  2. Well written. Everyone’s chance to be a star.

    It brings back memories of Tokyo and SIngapore. Used to bring down the house with “Creep” by Radiohead, “Yellow” by Coldplay. “Funiculi Funicula” in the style of Bruno Venturini if the mood struck me.

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