Conor Cawley: 5 Beverages For High Altitude Drinking

If you find yourself in a high-altitude location like Colorado, you probably hope to take in the beautiful views and rolling hills with an adult beverage. But, to quote The City of Denver’s official website, “alcoholic beverages pack more of a wallop at high altitudes than at sea level.”

So if you want to guarantee your adventure into the clouds is without the burden of over-served mistakes, this list will walk you through a few drinks that pair well with stunning scenery and a lack of oxygen.

1. Bloody Mary at 5,280 feet

This is a great way to start your high altitude journey. Not only are you curbing your alcohol intake by enjoying a drink that is 80% vegetable, you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to keep your wits about you in rarified air. The thing to remember with high altitude drinking is that it’s not an oxygen-deprived sprint, it’s an oxygen-deprived marathon. Pace yourself through the day and you won’t lose half of your vacation to an unwanted black-out.

2. Local Craft Beer at 6,750 feet

High altitude means mountains. Mountains mean high-quality tap water. High-quality tap water means that warm urine taste is no where to be found when it comes to beer in Colorado. Even if you aren’t a beer person, these micro-brewed masterpieces will keep you from imbibing too much alcohol while still allowing you to treat your palate to a cultural experience.

3. Rum and Coke at 7,000 feet

If you’ve made it this far and are still looking to enjoy a good buzz, a rum and Coke can get you a long way. You’ll be able to an alcoholic drink that tastes great and keeps you awake when the altitude makes you a little sleepy. And if you are experiencing altitude sickness, the carbonation of everyone’s favorite soda will help assuage your stomach’s poorly timed fear of heights.

4. Coors Light at 8,500 feet

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you’re going to drink champagne when you visit Champagne, France, you better drink this frat-boy favorite when you visit the Rockies. Plus, in addition to the cultural significance of drinking Coors Light in Colorado, the increased altitude makes the need to stay hydrated that much more pressing. And with more water in it than a bottle of Dasani, Coors Light is the best way to make sure you continue to take care of your body the higher you go.

5. Whiskey at 10,000 feet

You’re almost two miles above sea level and you’re drinking something that was aged in a barrel for longer than you’ve been alive. Enjoy the view and don’t drive anywhere.


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