Elizabeth Gomez: 9 Constant Struggles for Korean Puerto Ricans (Koricans, if you will)

  1. Being mistaken for Filipino


  1. Fighting the urge to add kimchi to arroz con pollo


  1. Being mistaken for Hawaiian


  1. PUERTO RICAN PRIDE expressed through a subtle display of Asian emotion

North Korea Anniversary

  1. Being mistaken for Native American


  1. Having endless fantasies of a threesome with Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Daniel Dae Kim


  1. Being mistaken for Mexican, and then being berated for not speaking Spanish, even though it was your Korean mother who raised you and she does not speak Spanish.


  1. Listening to people tell you that if Margaret Cho and Rosie Perez had a baby, it would look like you.


  1. Trying not to show your excitement when you find out someone else is Korean and Puerto Rican because you thought they were Filipino.



  1. We share almost the same struggles. In my case my mother is 1/2 Japaneses and Korean and my dad Puertorican. I do speak both languages.

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