Emily Lund: 10 Things I Resolve to Do in 2015

2014 was pretty awesome.  We bought a house, my husband revisited his rock stardom, and we rescued a dog from the depths of despair who in turn, rescued us.  I spent quality time with lots of family and friends and ate and drank a lot of delicious items.  It was pretty swell, but here’s hoping to a kick-ass 2015.

  1. I resolve to NEVER EVER EVER watch Pitbull’s New Year’s Eve again!
  2. I resolve to cook less with butter ( I apologize to anyone who died of hardening arteries because of my mashed potatoes)
  3. I resolve to visit my friends in the suburbs even though travelling to suburbs slowly chips away at my soul as every westbound mile passes.
  4. I resolve to win the damn Women’s Tennis Singles Championships because second place is the first loser. I resolve to not break a single tennis racket.
  5. I resolve to grow thicker skin by breathing deeply, understanding why people are mean to other people and clenching my jaw really hard before speaking.
  6. I resolve to not run the marathon, the half-marathon or any race that requires running through cow pastures, mud, chicken wire, or fire.
  7. I resolve to reconsider yogurt as a source of food.
  8. I resolve to only watch interesting and poignant reality TV.
  9. I resolve to learn more about science and less about baby Jesus
  10. I resolve to write in this blog more than 3 times a year and not a damn list!



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