Sandra Benedetto: Hallmark Christmas Movie Adaptations

1. Emma’s Redemption (adapted from Madame Bovary): After being rejected by her former lovers, Emma sells all of the luxury items she bought on credit so that she can make a simple but lovingly prepared Christmas Eve dinner for Charles in a gesture of reconciliation. Will he forgive her? Or will he stand up his estranged wife, driving her to suicide in a cold reminder that fate is inescapable? Stars Rebecca Gayheart and Tim Daly.

2. Coming Home for Christmas (adapted from The Mosquito Coast): After rejecting mainstream society by going off the grid with his family, an increasingly delusional Allie has an epiphany — he knows that he can only make his wife and children happy by returning home in time to embrace a true capitalistic American Christmas. Can their newfound peace last? Stars Robert Carradine and Lori Loughlin.

3. Wedding Bells Jingle on the Moors (adapted from Wuthering Heights): Heathcliff, a melancholy and aging recluse, encounters a lost city girl wandering the moors. Culture shock and hilarity ensue. Will Heathcliff finally have his happily ever after, or will his past come back to haunt him? Stars William Baldwin, Eddie Ciboria, Haylie Duff.

4. A Soldier’s Peace (adapted from The Things They Carried): Housebound during a dangerous nor’easter, a veteran recounts his experiences as a soldier in the Vietnam war to his troubled 15-year-old grandson, who helps him reconcile his feelings of guilt and loss. Join us for this heartfelt journey to the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Stars Tom Selleck.

5. A Naval Nativity (adapted from Lord of the Flies): The boys thought it would be smooth sailing after they were rescued from the island, but as the ship heads back to England in stormy seas they realize that some people are still taking sides and holding grudges. Will Christmas be ruined when the conch resurfaces or is that what it takes for the boys to finally begin to heal? Stars Treat Williams, Angus T. Jones.

6. Saved by an Angel (adapted from Tess of the d’Urbervilles): After Tess kills Alec in self-defense, Angel secretly arranges for a team of high-profile lawyers to take on her case; Tess is exonerated and realizes that Angel’s efforts on her behalf are a gesture of unconditional love and forgiveness. At least, until the emotional abuse begins anew after the holiday spirit wanes. Stars Lacey Chabert and Jesse Metcalfe.

7. Candy’s Christmas Wish (adapted from Of Mice and Men): Can Candy finally begin to put her troubles behind her? All she wants for Christmas is to be able to celebrate with George and Lennie on their new plot of land. Stars Harry Connick, Jr., John Corbett, Jennie Garth.

8. Where did Santa Go? (adapted from The Road): A boy and his father discover the true meaning of Christmas when they learn how to survive in a godless post-apocalyptic world. Stars Judd Nelson.


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