Elizabeth Gomez: 6 Things You Missed When My Mom Gave Me “The Sex Talk”

1. My utter embarrassment and shame because my mom decided to talk to me about sex FIVE months after I was living with my boyfriend.

2. The way my Korean mother kept asking me if I used “condos”, to which I responded that we were renting an apartment; she meant condoms, which we were neither renting nor using.

3. The horror when my mom told me that men will want sex all the time because they are so “cragy” about it that they “go chasing it all around”.

4. Her reaction to the fact that I knew so much about sex because, after all, I had been living with my boyfriend for FIVE months when she decided to have this conversation with me.

5. The uncomfortable silence between my mother and I when we realized simultaneously that discussing sex with your mom or your daughter over a beautiful and warm bowl of ramen is something neither of us wanted to do.

6. The quick shift in our discussion from sex to what an amazing bowl of ramen my mother made!


  1. Yup, can totally imagine Korean ajuma saying “cragy”. I can’t WAIT to have this talk w/ my kids. Stashing away porn just for this purpose.

  2. Haha-oh God–I read these a lot and just realized I should pipe in on how wonderful I think they are. We should all share our “sex talk” stories–mine is totally bizarre. Love your writing. Damn!

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