Kim Nelson: 10 Ways to Procrastinate on Writing Your Novel

writers-blockSometimes, you set an ambitious goal for yourself. And sometimes, you see the deadline quickly approaching while you still have a bit left to do in order to make that goal. And in order to face that deadline, you’ve gotta do some other stuff first.

  1. check your emails constantly; read every word of every newsletter
  2. reply to every single game invite on Facebook
  3. watch videos of your dog at daycare
  4. get emotionally involved in the comments section of a think piece about Kim Kardashian’s butt photos
  5. contemplate ordering a t-shirt that says “Beyonce is my spirit animal”
  6. take a buzzfeed quiz to find out your actual spirit animal and get the result “dog wearing sunglasses”
  7. get really into Fantasy Football even though you’re not totally sure what a tight end does
  8. become obsessed with crafting the perfect tweet to encapsulate all of your complicated feelings about Miley Cyrus’s artistic trajectory
  9. complete mental breakdown, shake it off, eat a donut
  10. go to your actual paying job


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