Kim Nelson: Thirty-something-year-old Problems

  • Being really geeked out about a new comic book movie coming out, but nervous you won’t be able to stay awake through a midnight screening
  • The arthritis in your knees getting to you during a Yo La Tengo show
  • Trying to explain to the 21-year-old EDM-loving intern at work why Yo La Tengo is essential and giving up as you watch their eyes glaze over
  • Your teenage crush Jordan Catalano turned into 30 Seconds to Mars’ Jared Leto
  • Your cat is older than Lorde
  • Too hungover from the three limited edition craft beers you had last night to run in this morning’s 10K
  • The young nerds who shove in front of you at the Weird Al concert aren’t even aware of his important work before “Running With Scissors”
  • Knowing what the phrases “turnt up” and  “turn down for what” mean, but not being able to credibly pull them off in conversation
  • Cleaning your Vitamix
  • Damn kids on your lawn–oh wait, they’re yours

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