Kirk Novak: Man Thinks Cops Won’t Ever Look In There

photo (1)ESCONDIDO, CA – Before leaving on a long drive to Yellowstone National Park, Steven Todd, 27, of San Diego County, packed an Altoid tin full of top shelf marijuana thinking that the cops would never look in there if he got pulled over. He opened the door, sat in the driver seat, and confidently spoke to the passenger getting in on the other side as he flashed them the Altoids, “Cops won’t look in one of these because they’re like, for mints.”

Steven kept waving around a container that was not manufactured to be airtight, and the scent of his marijuana, which smelled overwhelmingly of lemon skunk farts, began to fill up the entire car. “Don’t sweat it bro,” he reassured his passenger, “I got another spot where the cops won’t even think to check.” Steven opened a compartment above the steering wheel that was a standard feature of the make and model of his automobile.

He put the lemon skunk fart smelling Altoid tin into the compartment above the steering wheel. “It doesn’t even look like this is here,” Steven slyly pronounced to his passenger. As he spoke he waved his hand in front of the compartment as if he were an illusionist making the thick seams that clearly identified this as a place of storage in the car magically disappear. The compartment was not designed to be airtight either, so the powerful scent of the high-grade marijuana was still no more concealed than if Steven had set a large bud on the dashboard in plain view.

Before Steven started the car he reminded his passenger to put on their seatbelt, “Not because it’ll give the cops a reason, but for your safety, man.” He started the car, backed out of the driveway, and drove towards the highway. He pulled a large joint out of his pocket, lit it up, and started smoking. As he pass it to his passenger he noted, “I brought this hog’s leg to make the drive go by faster.” Steven drove toward Yellowstone smoking that joint smugly laughing about where he put his stash. He knew that if they got pulled over the cops won’t ever look in there.


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