Elizabeth Gomez: Plane Passenger Has Pleasant Flight Everytime

Chicago, IL – Joseph Rockbottom, an internal auditor for Allstate Insurance, from Kansas City, Missouri, claims that in over 30 flights in the last two years, he has had nothing but pleasant trips. “I’m not sure why people claim that airlines are terrible. Every flight I’ve been on has been extremely pleasant and the flight staff is so welcoming.”

While Rockbottom has had delays on flights, he doesn’t mind because the airlines usually send him a text or an email which only allows him more time to shop the airport kiosks. He especially loves when massage chairs are available at the Brookstone and flipping through OK! at the Hudson News. Trip after trip, he always looks forward to the free snack provided during drink service shortly after take-off. “You never know what you’re gonna get! Sometimes, it’s peanuts and other times, pretzels. I’m eating pretzels in the sky. Wow.”

“The other thing I love is how on some flights I can buy cologne duty free straight from the flight staff. Yes, of course, SkyMall is obviously the place you want to go when you need to decorate your garden with a Yeti statue or turn your pool into an enchanting Venetian canal with a Singing Gondolier Pool Toy, but there are times I need Obsession by Calvin Klein right away and can buy it in the sky!”

If pushed, Rockbottom has one complaint, which is that he wished more airlines would play more films starring Jennifer Aniston, but he understands that it’s not his personal airline. He is looking forward to this next trip to Minneapolis because he finally remembered to buy his own set of headphones because the pair they give him is always broken. He doesn’t mind. When that happens, he usually takes a nap, which he lovingly refers to as “Skynaps”.


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