Kirk Novak: A Short Story

David Horace Walker was born at home before a wide-eyed doula on the outskirts of a small town in the suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. He nearly killed his mother during birth, the 14 lb 15 oz baby boy taking nearly 17 hours to navigate his 49.6 cm frame through the birth canal. David was born with gigantism. As he was growing up, his parents would freely say things to people like, “He’s larger than life,” to conceal their awkwardness by making things awkward. David would later often remark, “No order is too tall,” and flash a knowing smile when people would ask him to reach for things out of their reach. Those were David’s last words. He died while overreaching. David’s head was chopped clean off by a designer steel ceiling fan blade as he stood up from his chair to turn on the light using the little chain that hangs from the bulb. A life cut short.



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