Drinkers with Writing Problems Logo Contest: Rules for Submissions

Drinkers with Writing Problems (DWWP) is looking for a logo so we can feel important, pretty up the website, and physically brand any babies born into the group so our name will painfully live on through the next generation. DWWP was formed last year and has no reputable history of which to mention. We are a group of six writers who decided to form a writing group and be more accountable to practicing our craft. In the time we’ve been together, our blog has exploded and we cannot keep up with the fan letters, the grueling tour schedule, or the number of paychecks being tossed our way, or we’re completely making that up because we are writers with overactive imaginations and nothing else to do.

Regardless of what we choose to do with a logo, we’d love to have one. We encourage you to have fun with this and pass it on to your designer like friends. With few rules and two possible prizes, why the hell not submit? It’s difficult for you creative types to “whip something up” so get to know some of our writers by reading from the selected stories below, or browse around the rest of the site while you’re reading all the fine print about the contest.

Contest Eligibility:

You must be 18 and older. You must have all creative control so that you can hand over all the powers of your logo to Drinkers with Writing Problems.

Entries Per Person:

You can submit up to 2 entries per person, but please avoid sending ones with very close variants of the same logo. We don’t want to fight over royal blue and navy blue.


All submissions must be submitted by Friday, February 28th by 5 p.m. central time


Kirk Novak: Totally Nude Civic Lesson 1 – The Bill of Rights
Kim Nelson: The Party
Anita Mechler: The 10 Sacred Duties of Being a Tia
Emily Lund: Top 10 Reasons I’m Not Having Children. Now, Leave Me Alone
Dave Hughes: This Must Be Compromise
Elizabeth Gomez: My Life as an Engrish to English Transaltor


We will be running a contest to allow for DWWP readers’ favorite and then the DWWP final selection by our writers. For the Readers’ Favorite, the winner will receive a piece of work personally written by DWWP (or one of the writers of their choosing; parameters will be set by the writer, ie we’re not writing a hate letter to your alcoholic brother) and a 6 pack of Schlitz beer. The DWWP Final Selection will win a $100 gift card, a piece written by DWWP (see above), and a 6 pack of Hamms.

Design Guidelines:

We’re going to need your help here because we don’t know much about design. We want the logo to represent our two loves – writing and drinking. We’d like to be able to use it for pins, zines, websites, and small tattoos on our necks. It would be great to have our name incorporated somehow, even though it’s long. We’re okay if it’s shortened to DWWP. We don’t have designs on a particular color pattern, but keep in mind that we will often use a greyscale version on our materials. Please do not use already trademarked or copyrighted works in the logo.

How to Submit:

* Please submit your artwork to drinkerswithwritingproblems@gmail.com.
* Your subject line should read “DWWP Logo Contest”
* Please include your name, address, and phone number
* All submissions should be in a jpeg format and one per email – one color version and greyscale per entry
* The winning designer grants DWWP ownership and unlimited use of the winning logo, and elements thereof, in perpetuity. DWWP will name the logo designer when announcing the new logo and promote them on our friends page (soon to be launched). No payment or other obligation is due to the winning contestant other than the acknowledgement and one‐time prize described here.
By submitting your design you agree to the terms of the contest.

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