Anita Mechler: 2014 Resolution

This year feels like it could be a banner year for me. I’m not exactly sure why, but I can just sense good things are about to come my way. Generally, I don’t make resolutions, for the same reason that I generally never go on diets, fear of failure and being slightly self-destructive. I understand the need for a “reset”, a time to reflect and look forward. However, I shy away from plotting out my life for the next 5, 10, 15 years because I think it’s completely unrealistic and sometimes, narcissistic. After facing my own death and my life taking unexpected turns after my “crap, I’m turning 30” identity crisis a few years ago, I became one of those people who wanted to live for the moment, taking life day by day, enjoying breath and health and getting to see another day.

After looking up “resolution” in the dictionary, I responded most to the idea of the ability of a device to show an image clearly and with a lot of detail.

This is what I want to do with my life and my writing. The best way I think I’ll get there is by taking a journaling challenge. I want to document my life thus far. I want to gain a clarity about the world around me, the people in it, the situations that arise, my own wants and fears. I want to see things down to the microscopic level, the atomic level, the molecular level, literally and figuratively.

This is my hope for the year: Get past all of the bullshit that doesn’t matter and rock and roll.

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