Elizabeth Gomez: Prince Disappointed by Mustard Selection at Local Brauhaus

prince mustard


Yes, Prince.

Is the Leberkäse on special today?

Yes, Prince.

Shall we begin?

Yes, Prince.

(quick guitar interlude)


Where is my Rindsrouladen?
Where can it be?
There must be something wrong with my ordering!

Where is my Plochman’s?
Tell me, where has it gone?
Somebody please please tell me that the schnitzel’s warm!

‘Til I find the Düsseldorf
The Mustard Blues
‘Til I find the Düsseldorf
The Mustard Blues

Ow! Yeah!

(long guitar interlude)

(Howling) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

(Prince rips off his shirt, has sex with a table and walks away)


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