Dave Hughes: Alisa deP. Needs Some Voodoo

Jack Domino says,

Careful child,

There are things out there that remember their name,

even after all this time.

So gather your courage,

and gather your list.

A square of old white lace.

3 bristles from the sad boy’s paint brush.

3 pennies from your couch cushions.

3 drops of your sweat.

A pinch of red brick dust.

The last thing on your to do list.

The whisper of your fear in the deep dark night.

Half your cracked tooth.

A shoelace from the boy who only loved the idea of you.

The needle from your scale.

Your grandma’s favorite shot glass.

The memory of the cold boy’s eyes.

A bottle of rum.

One shot for the ghosts of Mother Africa

and one shot so we don’t lose our nerve.

Jack Domino says,

Careful child,

Because there are things out there,

That you should be sure you want to call.

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