Zoe Gomez: Riding the CTA


I ride the CTA to my concert

and see other riders.

The man, creepy, sits next to my sister.

I look at them through a glass reflection.

He’s probably a nice man.

He gets off the train and doesn’t touch her.

Men, two,

the first nicely dressed,

the other is dressed like a skater.

The nicely dressed one wedges his hand

between the doors as they close,

pulls them apart like a pieces of bread.

He hops in,

the skater hops in, too.

The doors close after him.

The boy taps on my window.

At first I was scared.

The boy tapping on the train,

wearing a hat and his skin is like chocolate.

Tap, tap, tap.

I lose sight.

He comes back.

I am now curious more than worried

or scared.

Why is he tapping on this train?

The boy disappears again as the train pulls away.

I wonder if he’s ok?

I see this,

all while riding the CTA.

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