Elizabeth Gomez: List of Top 10 Frightening Rom Coms

10.  Death Actually: Follows the lives of an all star cast of very deadly vampire couples dealing with their love lives in interrelated tales during a frantic month before Halloween in London during 1801, 1802, 1803, 1804, 1805….

9.  You’ve Got Ghouls: Two phantom rivals despise each other in their workplace but are surprisingly drawn together through the internet by posting ads seeking love on SpiritMingle.com

8. Lifeless in Seattle: Starring exactly the same frightening cast of You’ve Got Ghouls, this is a story of a recently resurrected man’s search for a life partner in death.

7. Bridget Jones’ Diary of Witches Spells: A British woman is determined to improve her spells for love by testing them out on men on whom she experiments, eventually leading to an army of hot, sexy, young zombies with only one thing on their mind – brains.

6. Pretty in Pink Blood: A teen girl must choose between the affections of her childhood best friend (who’s adorable) or watching her childhood best friend chop her snotty rich crush (who’s not so adorable) into bits.

5. Never Been Kissed to Death: A journalist returns to high school as part of a research project for a story, but then discovers the school is made up of only vampires and she has to go back to high school – THE HORROR!

4. When Gomez Met Morticia: OK – it’s really just The Addams Family.

3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Tim Curry in a corset and fishnets, enough said.

2. Pretty Witchy Woman: Richard Gere stars as a businessy business man who needs a hooker witch to to attend cocktail parties with him and casts spells of crippling bouts of diarrhea on his foes and their families.

1. There’s Something About Zombie Mary: A man gets a chance to meet up with his decomposing dream girl from high school and since her hair is falling out, he won’t be embarrassed when he wipes cum in it.

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