Elizabeth Gomez: A List of Lists, The Ultimate Cop Out


Kirk Novak wrote a piece about lists this last week. I happen to have a terrible bout of writer’s block. This culminated into the ultimate writing cop out – a list of lists:

1. List of Presidents

2. List of Cardcaptor Sakura Episodes

3. 10 disturbing tales of Doppelgangers

4. List of Phobias

5. Top 10 New Species List, including the sneezing monkey, blue tarantula and the night-blooimng orchid

6. 100 Reasons Twilight Sucks

7. 8 Old School Diseases Making a Comeback

8. 10 Things to do with a Cucumber

9.  This list in particular, made me feel good because even the best of us cop out: List of The New Yorker’s Best Lists of All Time

10. List of Writers Who Committed Suicide, Which Book Means the Most to You

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