Anita Mechler: My Brain. My Heart. Me.

There was barely any light,

seeping through my window.

There’s a dog, not barking

Somewhere, I’m sure of it.

My headache



to make me helpless.

But, now, it only throbs,


I can feel my skull crackling,

my brain

like a hermit crab

looking for a better home.

It contemplates the cat,

sprawled out

its belly soft and furry

like a bunny.

It thinks better of it.

Decides to stay put,

but to make me suffer.

Really, who is the culprit here?

My brain?

My heart?

Something evil or stupid inside me?

I can’t bear insipidity,

or this for much longer.

How much can we go on like this?

My brain,

My heart


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