Emily Lund: Guilty Pleasures

We were tasked with the theme “Guilty Pleasures” this week at DWWP.  Since I am not good with (1) tasks (2) themes and (3) writing, I thought perhaps a photo blog this week would be better.  I settled on the theme “self-challenges” because I like to challenge myself with stupid mental games or feats to keep my otherwise preoccupied mind churning.  I also like to correct grammar. I am not sure if either pleasure causes me to feel guilty, but I’m going with it.

Yesterday, after a very motivational Facebook post about the over/incorrect use of quotation marks and the subsequent link to a blog with photographic examples, I decided I would challenge myself.  Without leaving the confines of your neighborhood (Logan Square) and only on foot, can you, Emily Sue Lund, capture 10 examples of bad grammar, spelling or punctuation in the public?  See below for the results.

1) I am not exactly sure what this is because leeches used for bloodletting are not commonly found in Logan Square, but certainly a “dog leach” can’t be a good thing, can it?

2) Yes, this sign is in photo #1 too, but it might have been missed since the leeches were so distracting. Maybe you shouldn’t have your 6 year old make the signs for your shop…just a thought.

3) I know, I know, that pesky “y” changes to an “i” when you make it plural.  Maybe you were gone that day from school? Maybe you were too lazy to paint that extra letter on your sign?  Maybe you should retire from sign painting as you appear to be the “lihgter fluid” culprit too.

4) Just in case there is an alternate-alternate spelling of either crème or cream, I did consult several sources and “creame” is not an alternate spelling of either.  You sent this to an actual printer and now you have thousands of printed menus with a dessert that does not exist.

5) All you had to do was copy the already painted sign on the door.  No actual spelling tests were required.  You failed not once, but twice.

6) Commas, commas everywhere and not an essential “i” when you need it. I’m not even going to go into the spacing or the missing hyphen.  It’s all just too much.

7) Do not argue with me on this one.  This is plural, not possessive.  “Adult DVDs” does not require an apostrophe just a few neighborhood perverts.

8) Here is another abuse of the apostrophe.  The cooking might be at its best.  However, the punctuation is at its worst.

9) You probably don’t do a great job of printing business cards, as it appears you don’t proofread your printed materials.  YIKESSSSSSS!

10) I am getting the impression that people like to come up with a creative spelling of French words, or maybe there’s an idea that all French words require an apostrophe for proper pronunciation?

So, what’s the final conclusion? English as a second language, French as a second language, Puerto Rican and Thai cuisine, pet stores, Subway (Eat Fresh!) and printing companies all have one thing in common, they have no concept of grammar or punctuation. Yet, they insist on permanently advertising their shortcomings to the world. Challenge Met!

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