Kim Nelson: Alone at Home

Alone at home, no one in sight,
I lock the doors and windows tight.
Relaxing, like a flag unfurled
By myself in my private world.

I furtively glance from side-to-side,
Now I do not need to hide
A secret of which I am not proud,
I love to sing show tunes out loud.

Over the years I have been hoarding
many original cast recordings.
I let loose with my scrappy voice,
It truly is a horrid noise.

But I don’t care, no one can hear
though the cats will hide in fear,
I start as Sally from Cabaret
Mein Herr, I love to belt away.

Next, I might get pretty far
with Jesus Christ Superstar.
Just when I think my voice is spent
I’ll find a second wind with Rent.

As Roxy Hart, I’ll add some kicks
To accompany my vocal tricks,
And Andrew Lloyd Webber for good measure
Musical theater’s my guilty pleasure.


I even know the obscure tunes
from State Fair and Brigadoon,
but I also like the stuff you’ve heard–
Did you know? Grease is the word.

The neighbors have yet to complain
so I launch into the next refrain.
The world’s a stage, so they intone
But only when I’m home alone.

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