DWWP is Open for Submissions!

Do you have a wild piece of writing that’s been sitting there, burning a hole in your drawer? If so, we want to see it! Drinkers With Writing Problems is now open for submissions from guest writers. Many of the original DWWP’ers are wrapped up with other projects for the time being, and we’d like to highlight some new voices on our site.

We are seeking both flash fiction and flash non-fiction.

Submissions may be sent to drinkerswithwritingproblems@gmail.com and we ask that prior to submitting you review our Submission Guidelines!

We also invite you to check out the 6 years of content on our site if you’re looking for an idea of what we do and what we like, but to sum it up, what we’ve all appreciated most about this platform is its Crackerjack Box variety of imaginative fiction, wicked satire, as well as deeply personal and even embarrassing non-fiction. So in the end, send us work that takes us to the places you badly want to take us.



Jeff Phillips, on behalf of DWWP



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