Murphy Row: Contradictions… or Goddammit

You wrote that all men are created equal, but it turns out all white, land owning males, is how you planned it. Goddammit,
You said, “Liberty and justice for all,” but you meant all the people who can afford your mark up price tag after you scan it. Goddammit,
You declared that all people have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as long as you can still profit off our death, self-hatred and entrapment. Goddammit,
Wait, it is not exactly fair to judge the contradictions of an era I’ll never inhabit. Goddammit, I can do better.
What about you? The descendants of our forefathers who live with the ‘freedom’ they provided, how do you live up to their words?
You say you believe in the constitution but then ask for more freedom than your neighbor, if you’re being candid. Goddammit,
You claim you believe in freedom of speech until the people you stepped on to get ahead learn their rights and demand it. Goddammit,
And you claim you believe in freedom of speech until your campus invites the wrong talking head or candidate. Goddammit,
You believe in freedom of religion, until a sect of a sect turns violent and then you look at the umbrella term and ban it. Goddammit,
You defend the Second Amendment, until a blue shirt decides his life is threatened because a black life with a gun must be a bandit. Goddammit.
You demand the right to wear an AR-15 like an accessory from Claire’s Boutique, but if a citizen showed up to your rally with an AR-15 and a burka, would they be allowed to attend it? Goddammit,
You tell protesters who kneel during the National Anthem, its disrespectful to the flag, while you decorate your wall with the flag of the confederate traitors like a second place pennant. Goddammit,
You claim all life is precious to shame a woman during the hardest decision of her life, but then you run home to catch the next execution when they web-cam it. Goddammit,
You put, “Devoted follower of Christ’s teachings” in your description, but then you tweeted, “#ThingsJesusNeverSaid, You should pay more for insurance so all those lazy, poor people can have it.” Goddammit. I don’t think you know who Jesus was. You couldn’t be more wrong even if you panned it, Goddammit,
You tell foreigners to go back where they came from, but your ancestors either stole this land or ran from a fucking potato famine. Goddammit,
You shout that a baby is a life not a choice, until the baby is born and you want the choice to save money on a tax funded meal program. Goddamn,
You exclaim we need to do something about all this crime, while you get drunk and grab someone’s can. Goddamn,
You laud the free market economy, until a better idea threatens your business plan. Goddamn,
You talk down to the less fortunate to pull themselves up by their bootstraps while your personal trainer yells in your ear to pull your bootstraps like a man. Goddamn,
You. You. Gah! You just… I fucking hate you! You and your contradictions. You and the hate you spread across our planet. Goddammit,
I… I… I just,
I hate you!
Why can’t you be more like me!
Because I believe in universal human rights. I believe in spreading peace. I believe that ALL human beings deserve to be treated with dignity, you fucking morons.
I believe what Desmond Tutu said, “you cannot make peace with your friends, you can only make peace with your enemies.”
You idiotic mouth breathers keep turning everyone else into “The Other.” You hate- filled bastards keep dividing the world with your desire to further your agenda at the cost of anyone that isn’t like you
If you were like me, you would realize, this world will only get better when we make room in our hearts to love the people who really piss us off. The world will get better only when we treat the bottom-feeding gutter-scum of the world with dignity, because they deserve it. They deserve it for the fact that they too are human beings, and every human being deserves dignity. And you would know that is you weren’t so fucking petty and stupid!
Wait, what the hell is wrong with me! Why can’t I see my own contradictions? I’m such a hypocrite it might as well be on my forehead branded. Goddammit,
I’m the worst, I preach about loving your enemy and spreading peace, like I’m the next coming of Mandela. All the while, I call you all hateful maggot-fondlers with brains made of granite. Goddammit,
Fuck me, I’m such a fraud. I can’t even make room in my heart for the guy who cut me off in transit. Goddammit,
I’m such a piece of shit, and I really mean that. This isn’t a gambit. Goddammit,
But if the path to a better world lies in making room to love those we hate, it has to start with me. I need to make room to love myself in spite of my flaws that clearly run the gamut… Goddammit.

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