Anita Mechler: Being Partnered

Like an extended summer afternoon, stretching widely before you.

A never-ending promise without a goodbye. 

The filling of an empty train seat next to you.  

A vow to the end of our eternity. 

A surprise home dinner:

The familiarity of garlic and tomato sauce. 

Foreign spices that elicit curiosity and hunger.

The warmth of a body against the cool sheets of a shared bed without the fear of what the next day brings. 

A lifetime of songs, a playbook of dance moves, of shared glances, knowing without speaking.

Comfort in the darkest hours of night when there is no moon and only anxiety and stomach pains.

Knowing, to the point of predictability. 

Peeling back the layers and finding more beauty in its complexity, a constant discovery.

Annoyance easily forgiven. 

It is want with a receipt. 


  1. Love this….one of my favorite sayings is “Nothing have I, save the warmth of your body”…this writing says this “in spades.”

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