Conor Cawley: 5 Everyday Devices That Are Watching You Right Now

Whether you’re a conspiracy theorist or just a social media activist, it’s important to remember that you’re constantly being watched. Not just by your bosses, your friends, and your Youtube followers either. Technology has been built in a way that, while convenient, can be pretty creepy at times, particularly when everyone is out to get you.

For that very reason, I have compiled a short, albeit necessary, list of everyday products that are watching, listening, and just generally monitoring your behavior right now! And if that makes you nervous, just remember: there is absolutely nothing you can do about it short of moving to the middle of the Grand Canyon in a goat costume.

Your Smartphone

This one is a given. Whether it’s the GPS, the Bluetooth, or even the WiFi, smartphones are designed to keep track of you wherever you go. Turn off the data all you want, nothing will stop the millions of government agents that are after you from tracking you down and questioning you about that guy you killed, or whatever.

Your Laptop

Sure, it’s not equipped with the hi-tech features of your smartphone, but don’t be mistaken; your laptop is a veritable hotbed of surveillance equipment that can take you down in a second. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done anything or not, they’re watching you and you just have to get used to it.

Your Video Game Console

Who would use an Xbox or a PS4 to keep an eye on potential terrorists? Everyone, that’s who! These heavy-duty tech machines are filled with data tracking features that could pin-point your exact location within a few seconds. Don’t believe me? Watch this!

Your Mirror

It may seem like a harmless reflective surface. But if you’ve ever seen Law and Order, you know that these inconspicuous two-way rectangles are the perfect place for cops and other law enforcement officials to hide behind. If you want to maintain your privacy, remember to get ready for work in the dark so no one, I MEAN NO ONE, can see what you’re doing.

Your Toilet

Don’t be fooled by the lack of wires and the simple design. This old-school piece of tech is the number one threat to personal privacy. As perhaps the least secure means of entry into your home, your bathroom is easily penetrated by surveillance teams of all experience levels. If you don’t want your privacy infringed upon by the NSA, stop using your toilet immediately.

This article brought to you by the Council of Paranoid People, reminding you that, even if no one cares what you’re doing, hide it at all costs.

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