Sandra Benedetto: Fiona Fair

Fiona Fair had cascading hair

and a face that didn’t please or offend

Her grooming routine took hours it seemed

She despaired ”Where would it end?”

She’d shampoo her hair

but it didn’t end there

after that she would rinse and detangle

She’d shave her legs bare

but stop she didn’t dare

there were underarm hairs to wrangle

She’d slather on lotion

a quite silly notion

if done before exfoliation

She’d pluck brows and nose hairs

while wondering who cares

about under-eye skin hydration

She’d pick out her clothes

which was not without woes

when her favorites weren’t laundered and pressed

She’d put on eyeliner

foundation as primer

for a topcoat of blush to look best

She’d blow dry and straighten

the hairs she’s now hating

with product she’ll wash out tomorrow

She’d sigh in the mirror

at a new wrinkle fear

deciding which creams she should borrow

Fiona Fair with the cascading hair

woke up yesterday and just couldn’t

Life was too fleeting to spend it preening

So from that moment on she just wouldn’t

Instead of taking showers

she lies in bed for hours



Without a care

Fiona Fair



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