Elizabeth Gomez: Listicle from an Alleged Professional Contrarian

In a few recent heated debates with fellow DWWPers, I was accused of being a professional contrarian. If you don’t know what a professional contrarian is, it’s a person who automatically chooses the opposite image1side of widely held beliefs for the sake of being different. This is an unfair characterization, thus I am submitting a listicle proving that not only do I hate things, but I also like many things.

If you have strong opinions on anything on this list – pro or con – or want to add your own, please feel free in the comments! I know I am not alone!

Common hatred for the song Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Star Wars
The Beatles
Whip and Nay Nay
Willy Wonka 1971
DIY anything (this includes thrifting)
Caitlyn Jenner – not because of anything about her sexual identity mostly because she has some real shit like beliefs
Brangelina split
Harry Potter Movies

Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas
Hunger Games
The Velvet Underground
Cha-cha slide or electric slide
Willy Wonka 2005 (technically Charlie & the Chocolate Factory)
Life hack food videos – any way to get it in my mouth faster is a plus!
Any positive movement for transgender people, as long as Caitlyn Jenner is not speaking
Brangelina together forever
Mad Max Fury Road
Anything but Trump

Jason Bourne
Harry Potter Books

New Ghostbuster vs. Old Ghostbusters – can’t I like them both for different reasons??

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