Kim Nelson: Good Things in 2016

Starting with the death of David Bowie back on January 10, followed by the subsequent loss of other beloved icons (Alan Rickman, Prince, Gene Wilder, the list goes on), terrorist attacks (Syria, Nice, Turkey, the list goes on), the largest mass shooting in American history, political upheaval (Brexit, Trump), and an uncertain future, as the year draws to a close we can all agree that 2016 is the worst. But, there’s a sunny side to every situation, so let’s reflect back on the positive things to come out of this year.

  1. Beyonce’s Lemonade
  2. The month we were all really into Stranger Things
  3. The Rock being deemed Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine finally uniting us as a nation
  4. Chicken tikka masala-flavored Frito-Lays
  5. That Game of Thrones season finale was super
  6. The time I ordered a spinach salad with bacon bits on it from Grubhub and they sent me a bed of spinach covered with full-sized crispy strips of bacon
  7. Alyssa Edwards’s arc on RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 2 was pretty cathartic
  8. This video of The Rock holding two rescue puppies named Beyonce and JLo
  9. Something something Chicago Cubs whatever
  10. The Rock singing Disney songs with America’s high school theater nerd boyfriend Lin-Manuel Miranda

JK! 2016 is the worst and can suck a Costco-sized pallet full of dicks. Let us hope that the sun rises anew in 2017 and breaks free of the curse of the previous year, just as The Rock flexes out of his cast in Fast & Furious 7.



  1. I’m trying to get through my own year in review list and so far it reads like a how-t0-guide to kill yourself its so bleak. 2016 was pretty much a disaster, but thanks for the reminder that there were also some great things that came out of it as well! Cheers! xo

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