Anita Mechler: Possibility & You


I thought of your lips’ shape,

your neck supple,

the way you smile and look down

slowly taking in a realization.

I was consumed

by thoughts of you

like a bonfire

of sparkling fantasy.

Scenery passing by

without note.

A shivering buzzing cocoon,

between me and the outside world.


Untouched by the elements,

I longed for nothing more

than your hand

on my face,

your fingers

in my hair,

a clear view of you

without the hindrance of memory or time.

I wanted a familiarity

to pass between us,

giving shape to thoughts and understanding

without words.

And words

So many words

We have exchanged.

Let’s skip exposition

and get to pet names,

silent Sunday reading in bed,

staring smiling across the pillow.

Waking next to you

after dreaming of you.


Let’s get to absent minded trailing of fingers,

my head in your collarbone,

your hand on my waist intimate.

I fear the loss of time

from you

and the possibility of what never became.

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