Elizabeth Gomez: Show, Zine, and Other Things You Need to Know

The writers at Drinkers with Writing Problems (DWWP) are aware that we have followers from all over the world and that’s AMAZING. I recognize that the word “amazing” is overused, but you have to remember that I grew up in the Stranger Things era of the 80’s. Yeah, that’s right, I actually anticipated the release of E.T., owned a set of encyclopedias, and wanted to grow up to be a Solid Gold dancer. To have seen the evolution of computers that were the size of your house to being able to create a small blog created by nobodies and have people follow you from all over the world feels pretty AMAZING. All of us at Drinkers are thankful to know you’re here with us and we hope that we keep creating content that interests you, while maintaining our mission: To drink, write, and be self hating.

We have some exciting things coming up whether you’re “all over the world” or closer to our home base, Chicago:

  1. We are back with our live show: Lit Up! at Briksu’s Bistro tomorrow night. Tomorrow night’s lineup is wonderful. We have poets, fiction writers, humorists, and storytellers that you’re going to love, not to mention some of your favorite DWWP regulars. We start at 7:30 p.m. so get your faces to the show!
  2. Also tomorrow night, we are premiering our SANDWICH ZINE!! If you’re unfamiliar, DWWP loves to inspire each other in our writing. A few years back, I penned a piece called “Cormac McCarthy Eats a Sandwich“, which triggered the lovely Kim Nelson to write a similar themed piece, and then it spiraled into a most beautiful collection of authors eating sandwiches. The zines will be available for purchase at the show, but we will be selling them online, too, and we hope you’ll support us by purchasing a zine so we can buy another round!
  3. This is not related to DWWP, but it’s because of DWWP that I am closer to becoming the artist I want to be and would have never had this opportunity otherwise, I will be teaching at the Fear Experiment for storytelling. I couldn’t be more thrilled. This is a program that was created to push people to address their fears of all sorts of things and peaks at a show at the Park West (in front of about 600 or 700 people). It’s based in public speaking, dance, singing, or whatever you’re afraid will make you look like a fool, only to realize that you should never be afraid because you can surprise yourself each time. Applications are being accepted until the day we start! You have a couple of weeks left, I encourage you to apply because if DWWP has taught me anything, putting yourself out there just because you’ve always wanted to is pretty fucking cool.
  4. Lastly, I need to give a shout out to my friends at You’re Being Ridiculous, a writing based storytelling show, that is unique, warm, and thoughtful. They are moving over to the Steppenwolf Theater for their next show. CONGRATS FRIENDS! I don’t think you can buy tickets because they sold out! But, I just need you to know that the founder, Jeremy Owens, is a voice that you want to hear, so read his work at the website: yourebeingridiculous.com.

I know that’s a lot of businessy business stuff, but I had to share it all with you. I’m so excited about the other projects that we have up our sleeve and I hope you are, too. More importantly, I hope you’ll continue supporting us and I hope you know how much we deeply appreciate your support.

And by the way…. you look marvelous.

Business Gomez out!










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