Kirk Novak: The Kitten and the Wolf

Rebecca tears a shred of flesh from the desiccated rabbit carcass and speaks to Monica. Monica hates it when Rebecca talks with her with mouth full. She thinks it unbecoming of an alpha female of a wolf pack.

“So, You want to KEEP the kitten?”

Tufts of rabbit fur spew from Rebecca’s mouth, drifting around on pockets of hot breath steaming against the frigid air.

“I know. I know it’s weird, but I think this might go viral.”

Monica rests her chin on top of the tiny kitten she has nestled between her front paws. It squeaks out a weak meow.

“No, that isn’t, that’s not. I mean, it’s fine, but I thought you said you wanted to EAT the kitten,”

Rebecca loudly cracks a leg in half with her jaw and slurps at the marrow.

“No, no, no, I definitely said, ‘I want to KEEP the kitten.’”

The kitten crawls out from under Monica mewling. She gently picks it up in her drooling jaws and softly drops it back in the crook of her paws. Rebecca thought Monica was probably an idiot because she drools so much.

“I’m okay with that, I guess. But we’ll have to take it to Bob and see if he eats the kitten.”

“Rebecca, make a decision without Bob for once.”

“We share power, Monica.”

“I’m just saying.”

Rebecca flashes her teeth. The fur on her jaw is crusted with gore.

“Are you challenging me?”

Monica drools on top of the kitten and hugs it close.

“Wait, what? No. Let’s just go back to the den.”

Monica picks up the kitten by the scruff of the neck and follows Rebecca back to their den. Bob is standing at the entrance when they arrive. He thought he heard something outside. Bob always thinks he hears something and has to go outside to look. The whole wolf pack finds it super annoying.

“Hey guys! I thought I heard something outside.”

Rebecca and Monica lean their heads back and howl. The kitten drops to the ground in front of Bob. A big strand of drool hangs from the corner of Monica’s mouth. The kitten meows.

“What is that? Who? Where?”

Bob starts running in circles chasing his tail. The kitten starts purring loudly. Monica wags her tongue, panting, and drools.

“Bob, I want to keep this kitten.”

Bob is wrestled to the ground by Rebecca.

“I don’t want to eat a cute kitten!”

Rebecca sits on top of Bob.

“Not eat, Bob, keep. Monica wants to keep the kitten.”

Bob nips at air unable to roll Rebecca off of him.

“Yes! I’ve always wanted a cat! We’re going to go viral!”

Bob and Rebecca run into the den biting at each other. Monica picks up the kitten by the scruff of the neck and carries it inside to meet the rest of the wolf pack. All the wolves are excited to have a pet kitten. The wolf pack raises the kitten as one of their own and names it “Andi.”

A subdivision being built nearby is encroaching on their endangered native habitat. They have faith that by taking in this kitten their story will soon go viral.

They believe it will save them all.

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